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A Recommendation
from Paul

Tim Worrell
Minister, Presbyterian Reformed Church
Director, The Liberia Project


The Reformers and Puritans rarely addressed evangelism and missions as a unique topic in their sermons and lectures. This is where I have found EPP to be especially helpful. It is amazing. By looking up the classical texts on these subjects, just like any other subject, I can immediately find so much rich exposition and application from our forefathers in the faith. All the thoughts of those on whose shoulders we stand are right at our fingertips!


I love the ease with which I can find the references, exposition, and application of any given verse from each of the Reformers, Puritans, and Presbyterians. This tool has been a great blessing to me in my personal reflection, as well as in the preparation of lectures and sermons. I highly commend EPP.


I have known Steve Mouring for many years, and I know of his great love for the Lord and for the faith once delivered to the saints. 


Tom Rayborn
Church Planting Pastor, Author
Redeeming Grace Church, Alton, IL


I have been using the Encyclopedia Puritanica Project (EPP) for about 5 weeks, and I can say it is a literal treasure of Puritan works and some modern works referencing Puritans and their writings.  Currently, there are 231 books that are included in the EPP.  This work is truly amazing!  If you went and purchased all 231 titles, some having multiple volumes, you would pay many thousands of dollars if you could even find all of the resources!

I had first heard about the EPP when I listened to Paul Washer describe EPP as his "secret weapon" in studying the scriptures.  That piqued my interest and I did a search for the EPP on the Internet and contacted the developer.  He got back to me quickly and answered many questions I had.  I was sold!  I decided to get the EPP quickly by having the zip files sent to me and I was up and running in less than an hour.  This resource operates at lightning speed!

I use EPP for personal study of the scriptures and I am also researching for a book I am writing on "Judgment Day".  Just in the first day of using EPP for my book, I felt that the resources that were at my fingertips already paid for the program, as I searched the resources for scriptures I was studying for the book and found a gold mine of material!

Imagine having a reference library of (currently) 231 of some of the finest Puritan authors, including commentaries, church standards, devotionals, theological works, etc. that you can search by scripture verse, topic, and author.  I also do weekly street and campus preaching, and as I am studying scripture and meditating on God's Word, I often use EPP to look up what Puritan writers say about verses.

It is so easy to use, it is fast, and the content of material available in seconds is unbelievable!  If you are a serious student of God's Word and/or a pastor, preacher, counselor, or personal gospel worker, you will find the EPP to be invaluable in your study, sanctification, and usefulness for the glory of God!  You will not regret investing in EPP!!


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Ministers, elders, and ordinary students of the Word tell us that EPP saves them substantial time in verifying exegesis, locating sermon illustrations, and finding apt quotations.

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