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List of Works

EPP has collected copies of over 230 original Puritan and Reformed books by over 110 authors and converted them to digital text. Throughout our process, we put a strong emphasis on textual quality, desiring to produce text that is faithful to the original.

Below is a list of works included:

Old Paper

Archibald Alexander

A Brief Compend of Bible Truth

Thoughts on Religious Experience

James W. Alexander

Thoughts on Family-Worship

Joseph Alleine

A Sure Guide to Heaven

John I. Armstrong

Elders That Rule Well

Multiple Authors

Fisher's Catechism (complete)

The Family Altar

Psalms the Heart of the Bible

Maltbie D. Babcock

Emancipation, A Poem

M. Henry Balnaves

On Justification

Lewis Bayly

Practice of Piety

Joel R. Beeke

Backsliding: Disease and Cure

Family Worship

Gisbertus Voetius

Jehovah Shepherding His Sheep

Puritan Evangelism

Puritan Reformed Spirituality

James Begg

Anarchy in Worship

George W. Belk

The Presbyterian Faith

James Petigru Boyce

Abstract of Systemic Theology

Loraine Boettner

Studies in Theology

Roman Catholicism

Reformed Faith

Reformed Doctrine of Predestination

Robert Bolton

Comfortable Walking with God

Thomas Boston

Works (Complete in 12 volumes)

Charles Bridges

Exposition of Psalm 119

Thomas Brooks

Works, Volume 2 of 6

Time for Secret Prayer

Touchstone of Sincerity

John Brown (of Haddington)

Systemic Theology

Preface to the Psalter

A Short Catechism

John Calvin

Commentary on Genesis

Institutes of the Christian Religion (complete)

Thomas Case

Prospect of Heaven-- Treatise on Afflictions

James M. Chaney

William the Baptist

Stephen Charnock

Existence and Attributes of God, Vol 1

Samuel Clarke

Scripture Promises

Robert L. Dabney

Christ Our Penal Substitute

Discussions, Vol 1 and 3 of 5

Memorials of John T. Thornton & Dr. Francis Sampson

Questions on Old Testament History

Review of Theodosia Ernest

Five Points of Calvinism

John L. Dagg

Elements of Moral Science

Manual of Theology

Richard W. Daniels

The Christology of John Owen

Arthur Dent

Plain Man's Pathway to Heaven

James Dick

Hymns and Hymnbooks

Jonathan Dickinson

True Scripture Doctrine

Philip Doddridge

Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul

Jonathan Edwards

Works (complete Hickman's ed.)

Arie Elshout

A Helping Hand

Ralph Erskine

Works, Volume 1 of 6

Robert Flockhart

The Street Preacher (autobiography)

James Gilfillan

The Sabbath Defended

John Gill

The Cause of God and Truth, Vol 1 of 4

John L. Giarardeau

A Sermon on Family Religion

Instrumental Music in Public Worship

Calvinism and Evangelical Arminianism

Thomas Gouge

Riches Increased by Giving

William Gouge

Of Domestic Duties

Andrew Gray


Ashbel Green

Lectures on the Shorter Catechism         (complete)

Richard Grenham

Reading Scripture with Profit

William Gurnall

The Christian in Complete Armor (complete)

William Guthrie

The Christian's Great Interest

Archibald Hall

Gospel Worship (complete)

Floyd E. Hamilton

Reformed Doctrine of Infant Baptism

Cornelis Harinck

Called to Confess

Robert Hawker

A Poor Man's Morning & Evening Portions

John W. Henderson

Essay on the Sabbath Day

Matthew Henry

Commentary on the Shorter Catechism

Henry's Commentary (complete)

William Maxwell Hetherington

History of the Westminster Assembly

Edward F. Hills

King James Version Defended

Doctrine in Verse

A. A. Hodge

Commentary on the Confession of Faith

Charles Hodge

Systemic Theology, Volume 1 of 3

John Howie

The Scots Worthies

John Angell James

An Earnest Ministry

William Jay

Morning Exercises

Henry Law

Daily Prayer and Praise (complete)

Samuel Lee

Secret Prayer Successfully Managed

Thomas Manton

Works, Volumes 1-3 of 22

Walter Marshall

Gospel Mystery of Sanctification

William Matheson

May Sabbath Keeping Prevent Churchgoing?

Robert M. McCheyne

Solemn Call to Parents

Not Forgotten and Family Government

Thomas McCrie

On the Right of Females to Vote

N. S. McFetridge

Calvinism in History

Alexander McLeod

Life and Power of True Godliness

Messiah, Governor of the Nations

Matthew Mead

The Almost Christian Discovered

Samuel Miller

Clerical Manners and Habits

Thoughts on Public Prayer

Warrant, Nature and Duties of the Ruling   Elder

Monthly Concert in Prayer

Roy Mohon

Deacon Awareness

Ruling Elder Awareness

Make His Praise Glorious

Walter W. Moore

Religion in the Home

Thomas Murphy

Pastoral Theology

John Murray

Head Coverings in the Worship of God

Minority Report on Psalmody

Pictures of Christ

Restricted Communion

Orville J. Nave

Nave's Topical Bible

Robert Nevin

Instrumental Music in Christian Worship

John Owen

Works, Volume 1 of 16

Benjamin Morgan Palmer

The Family in its Civil & Churchly Aspects

Joseph Perkins

Primitive Purity

Austin Phelps

The Still Hour

J. C. Philpot

Ears from Harvested Sheaves

Gospel Pulpit (complete in 14 volumes)

Philpot's Sermons (complete in 12 vols.)

Through Baca's Vale

Matthew Poole

Poole's Commentary (complete)

Southern US Presbyterians

Life and Conversion of Mohammed Ali Bey

Northern US Presbyterians

Monitory Letters to Church Members

The Psalms in Worship

The Destruction of Jerusalem

John Preston

Golden Scepter Held Forth to the Humble

James B. Ramsey

Questions on Bible Doctrine

Richard Clark Reed

The Gospel as Taught By Calvin

Legh Richmond

The African Servant

William Romaine

Essay on Psalmody

J. C. Ryle

A Caution About Baptism

Call to Prayer

Expository Thoughts (complete in 8 vols)

Thomas Scott

Articles of the Synod of Dort

Henry Scudder

The Christian's Daily Walk

Robert Shaw

Exposition of the Westminster Catechism

Richard Sibbes

Works, Volume 1 of 7

B. M. Smith

Family Religion

Thomas Smyth

12 Rules for Promoting Harmony Among Church Members

Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Morning and Evening

Westminster Standards

Larger & Shorter Catechisms

Westminster Confession of Faith

Directories for Family & Public Worship

Three Forms of Unity Standards

Canons of Dordt - Heidelberg Catechism - Belgic Confession

Lewis Stuckley

A Gospel Glass

George Swinnock

Works (complete in 5 volumes)

William Symington

Messiah the Prince

Zacharias Ursinus

Commentary on the Heidelberg Catechism

Thomas Vincent

Shorter Catechism Explained

Benjamin B. Warfield

Works, Volume 1 of 10

Faith and Life

Thomas Watson

Reading Scripture with Profit

John Whitecross

The Assembly's Shorter Catechism

Alexander Whyte

Characters in Pilgrim's Progress

Samuel Willard

The Checkered State of the Gospel Church

John Willison

Forty Scripture Directions

Octavius Winslow

Evening Thoughts

Morning Thoughts

Help in Time of Need

Thomas Witherow

The Apostolic Church

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