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The Encyclopedia
Puritannica Project

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Arm yourself with the Biblical wisdom and great Scriptural insight of over 230 Puritan and Reformed books -- using Encyclopedia Puritannica Project's simple-to-navigate software.

Imagine the ease of referring to Scripture texts alongside these great works with just a click of a button and finding every place in those books where a particular Bible verse is found. Imagine having immediate offline access to the entire Old and New Testaments, two complete commentary sets, plus nine daily devotional works, Scripture reading plans, and 200 other works. 

The Puritans knew the Word of God like few modern theologians. And EPP's mission is to strengthen and equip today's believers, ministers, and students with the armor of the Puritan/Reformed orthodox scriptural truths. With EPP, the treasures of nearly forgotten and ignored texts come to life again to help Christians understand Scripture well and use it to defend against false interpretations and false teachers.

EPP's intuitive design links Puritan and Reformed texts with accurate cross-referencing, extensive glossaries, and powerful navigation tools, WITHOUT Internet access, freeing you to study at any time, in any place, in comfort and security.



A Recommendation from Paul

  • Immediate access to over 230 Puritan texts by more than 110 authors

  • Powerful, yet simple, intuitive navigation through texts and references

  • Clear and accurate definitions of antiquarian and theological terms

  • Compact, offline access to materials available anywhere and any time


  • ALL Believers who desire deeper insight into God's Word!

  • Missionaries who must operate "off-the-grid"

  • Ministers and Elders

  • Students

  • Individuals who need the JAWS screen reader


  • Bible Study

  • Daily Devotions

  • Sermon Preparation

  • Officer Training

  • Scripture Research

  • Seminary Work

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EPP Highlights


Innovative, categorized cross-referencing allows you to find every occurence of a scripture reference in these texts with just a few clicks. A huge glossary of theological terms and antiquarian words helps to clarify difficult sentences. Simple, yet powerful navigation makes the content of these books accessible in ways not previously possible.


EPP texts are faithfully reproduced from original printings without changing sentence structure or page numbering. Many hundreds of obvious printing errors, such as misspelled words and invalid scripture references, have been corrected.


All the features of this software are intuitive and allow the user to choose which to use. Pick your own paths through the material -- using as few or as many of the features as you desire. Over 1,000,000 browser links effectively turn the entire 230 works into a single, unified mega-commentary!


This software does NOT use an Internet connection, and therefore can be used on any suitable, large-screen computer (laptop, notebook, and desktop). Students doing research at libraries, ministers preparing sermons away from their studies, and travelers having devotions on the road can easily and discreetly use this product.


The same software works on Windows PCs, Macintosh computers, and Linux machines. This text-based product is ideal for the visually impaired or others who use screen-reading software such as JAWS.


Included are 9 daily devotional works and Scripture reading plans, making this software useful for private devotions as well as personal study, especially when traveling.


Ministers, elders, and other students of the Word are already reporting that this tool saves them substantial time. It helps in verifying exegesis, locating sermon illustrations and finding apt quotations. Excerpts from the texts can also be pasted into sermon notes, theological papers, and email exchanges.


Even if you already own some of these books in print (and we hope you do!), this software will enhance their use by rapidly locating Scripture references and topics of interest. It will also allow you to evaluate other books prior to purchase, find new books you may wish to acquire, and provide out-of-print books which are not available in easy-to-read format anywhere else.

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